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[ale] Ginstar PC's

Vernard Martin wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 10:49, Chris Fowler wrote:
>>I ususally purchase Ginstar PC's for Windows use.  I now need one for Linux and know that many people here regulary buy from them.  
>>I ususally oder the economy PCs that have everything on the mother board.  Including ethernet.   Does these PC's work well
>>with Linux?
> I've had some experience with this. Ginstar uses lots of the PC Chips
> all-in-one motherboards for their economy PCs. These motherboards work
> quite well with linux except for the built in modem. The same goes for
> the Amptron line of all-in-one motherboards whhich are just rebranded PC
> Chips boards.

Ugh!  Amptron!  We had a horrible return rate on Amptron motherboards (2 out of 3 returns) when I worked for a little Ginstar-like company a couple of years ago.  I hope they have improved since then.

Lost in Tokyo,
     Jack of All Trades, Anarchist

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