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[ale] Installfest update

In light of Vernard's message about having ALS back here in town. I
think the Installfest was a success. We had a total of about 57
people in attendance. I figured this out by the amount of people that
signed in + the amount of people that were in the door prize drawing,
but not signed in. That is almost twice as many as out October
Installfest. The number of people that registered, but did not make
it was 19. All these numbers include Installers and Installees. We
had about 5-7 people that just came in to see what Linux is about and
maybe install at another time, I think we did about 20 full installs,
and probably about 10 that just needed help with configuration or
making some peripheral work. So, all in all I think it was a great
turnout and a good time was had by all.


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