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[ale] Dumb,dumber, and me.

Are you using something like the following in your access db?

hotmail.com  REJECT
mojoe at hotmail.com OK

If so, then I think your problem is this:

The first test that occurs when a connection is established is 
check_relay, which looks up the IP-address/domain-name of the remote 
server in the access db.  If the lookup finds something other than OK 
or RELAY, an error is reported and the connection is terminated.  In 
your case, the remote server domain name is matching the 
hotmail.com/REJECT entry.

You might try the following entries instead:

From:hotmail.com    REJECT
From:mojoe at hotmail.com  OK

Now the check_relay test would pass because it only searches the db 
for lines beginning with the 'Connect:' tag or for lines with no tag 
at all.  After this test is passed, the remote server would transmit 
the envelope sender's address (MAIL FROM:) and the check_mail test 
would run.  This test looks for db entries beginning with the 
'From:' tag or for entries with no tag at all and matches them 
against the envelope sender address.  If the sender was 
mojoe at hotmail.com, the test would pass, but any other sender at 
hotmail.com would be rejected.


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Hello "Alers"!

This is interesting (I've already used "dumb").
We upgraded our mail server from Red Hat 6.0 to Red Hat 7.2 (mistake?) with, 
of course, the new version of Sendmail for better Spam control.
The interesting thing is that we can not figure out how to configure 
Sendmail to work properly. It seems (theory here) It leaves us with an 
option of either allow everything or block everything. In other words, if I 
block the domain HOTMAIL.COM but allow moejoe at hotmail.com, sendmail still 
rejects mojoe at hotmail.com, and we do not know why since it works with other 
"smaller" domains.
Upon checking in the log file, it seems like that when the message is 
relayed, the relay server does not issue a "verify" and the message is 
rejected right-of-from-the-start. Does that make any sense to anyone?
Please be gentle on your answers.



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