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[ale] Probably a Simple Problem!!!


If anyone has any ideas regarding my current problems
it will be greatly appreciated.

Im trying to install Linux 7.1 Alpha Edition on a
digital 633au workstation. I make the boot disk by
copying the miata image (I assume this is the one for
433au with rawrite.exe, rawrite.c and rawrite3.com.
All these programs are copyied via binary ftp from
ftp.suse.com. (the ftp is carried out using DOS).

I copy all these programs to a directory in DOS and
run the rawrite.exe program. Everything seems fine, it
asks me for the image name (miata) and destination
drive(a) and seem to do its work. I then take the disk
to the 433au workstation an insert in into the floppy
drive. I boot the machine and type >>> boot dva0 -fl 0
at SRM prompt.

I get the error "block 0 of dva is not a
valid boot block. bootstrap failure".

So I decide to just use my SuSE 7.0 Alpha Edition CD
and hope I am able to ftp version 7.1 with this CD.
Everything works fine except it hangs for 4 hours now
when trying to open yast.

Please tell me where im being stupid.

Any ideas to accumplish my installation would be very
happily recieved.

Jason (jasonmark_99 at yahoo.co.uk

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