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[ale] [OT] PSA on Internet radio

Fellow ALE members,

I wanted to add a note to this list regarding the recent US Copyright 
Office action on Internet radio (mp3) webcasting.  I am not affiliated 
in any way with the parties involved - this is just trying to be a public 
service announcement.  Why ALE?  It is, in part, because many of these 
webcasters use Linux machines to prepare, produce and deliver the streams 
to a variety of platforms.

If you've liked listening to any of the 1000s of Internet radio stations, 
you may want to investigate the current ruling that will likely cause most 
of the webcasters to cease operation within the next two months.

Rather than use ALE bandwidth for discussion, I'll recommend you take a 
look at the info available on the web at several locations (see below) and 
decide what you wish to or not to do.  If you're interested, please look 
at any of the following URLs.		(saveinternetradio.org)
	http://www.save-the-music.org	(activist group)
	http://www.somafm.com		(webcaster)
	http://www.beethoven.com	(webcaster)
	http://www.radioparadise.com	(webcaster)

Thanks for listening.  It's your choice and I plan to say nothing more on 
this list about it.  Flames to me, not the list.

-- Paul

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