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[ale] KSU meetings

I'm still working on the KSU meetings.  At this point we have the go 
ahead to do this, with the stipulation that it be presented as part of 
the student chapter of the ACM.  I want to know if there is a problem 
with this.  The reason for this is that they will not permit meetings by 
outside organizations (apparently, regardless of the fact that our taxes 
are paying for the facilities).  So, this is kind of a loop hole.  The 
way it would go is someone at the beginning of the meeting would open it 
as an ACM meeting and would introduce the ALE representative, and the 
meeting would be an ALE meeting from that point.

Again, it's a loop hole to get in the door.

So, what do folks think?  Is there a problem with this?

If there is not, then I need to get folks preferences regarding time/day 
of the month.  My suggestion is that not be on the same day as the Emory 
ALE meetings, so folks have the option to attend both.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at 3times25.net

I didn't have to buy my radio from a specific company to listen
to FM, why doesn't that apply to the Internet (anymore...)?

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