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[ale] I am confused!!!

Ken, I got one of those a few weeks back.  I had a coherent message, and
also came with an attachment.  It was a virus/worm of some sort.  It
doesn't do anything on Linux, but I sent it to my Win pc, run Norton,
and it come up with a virus (don't remember which, I've slept since

Whoever it is sending them is not a clever spammer or stupid user, more
like a clever user.

Ron N. - Dalton, GA

Ken Nagorski wrote:
> How did that end up in my mailbox at pcintelligent.com? Look at those
> headers? it's not even close. Any of it! I am totally confused...
> Thanks
> Ken
> --------------------------------------------
> Delivered-To: kenn at andrew.pcintelligent.com
> Return-Path: <heather691 at cranfield.ac.uk>
> Received: from smtp3.juserve.com (softdnserr [::ffff:])
>      by andrew.pcintelligent.com with esmtp; Thu, 07 Mar 2002 05:33:20 -0500
> Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 05:29:49 -0500
> Message-Id: <200203071029.g27ATme21192 at smtp3.juserve.com>
> X-Mailer: VM 6.92 under 21.4 (patch 3) "Academic Rigor" XEmacs Lucid
> Reply-To: heather691 at cranfield.ac.uk
> From: heather691 at cranfield.ac.uk
> To: kenn at pineland.net
> Subject: Hey Fred
> ---------------------------------------------
> This is the mx info for those domains...
> kenn at workstation:~$ host -t mx !$
> host -t mx pineland.net
> pineland.net. mail is handled by 10 pop.pineland.net.
> kenn at workstation:~$
> ---------------------------
> kenn at workstation:~$ host -t mx pcintelligent.com
> pcintelligent.com. mail is handled by 10 mail.pcintelligent.com.

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