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[ale] rc.conf

Stephen Turner wrote:
> the rc.conf file, is it just where to do my dhcp? or
> can i throw my alias's in there to? i suppose my real
> question is, is rc.conf a general auto executed script
> or is it for specific purpose?

Well, first off, rc.conf is specific to your distro, as I don't have one.
My distro has a unique /etc/rc.config, which is just setup info used by other scripts.
The main init script on most systems I believe is still only called "rc".  In my case it is /etc/init.d/rc.  You should be able to find a pointer to it in /etc/inittab.  something like "l0:0:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 0".
So, my guess is that rc.conf is for a specific purpose.

Lost in Tokyo,

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