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[ale] DHCP server?

  I'm having to build a new DHCP server.  The current box has some issues
and we've decided the best method is going to be a new box with 5
interfaces.  He has to serve 5 subnets and the dhcp helpers in the
routers are having issues.

  2 things have come up.  If Johnny upstairs logs in and gets an IP,
does the server track his netbios name, etc?  So if someone comes in and
says "Who has, they're eating a butload of bandwidth?"  we
can check a log and say, Hey, that's john.

  Also, there appears to be a "feature" with windows that if you have 2
interfaces on the same subnet (one ssl, one not, for instance) that if
traffic comes in eth1, it will go back out eth1.  Is there a way to
enable this same type of functionality on a 2.4.X kernel that anyone


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