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[ale] slaving a process

"Tommie M. Jones" wrote:
> Actually Expect is not my friend.  I wanted to turn a process that is
> usually run by telnet to a process that can be accessed from Jabber (or
> some other IM). That is the purpose of this.
> I rethought the solution a bit and realized I need to execute this with a
> System call inside the perl instead of the shell script.  Any other
> suggestions.  Can the parent process control what the child process's
> STDIN and STDOUT file handle is.

If your Menu program reads only from stdin and write only to stdout, you're
pretty much stuck calling it from a System or shell call.  If you were working
in C/C++, I'd suggest popen().

One thing though - I'm not familiar with the IM stuff, but how is it that you
can easily call a perl script, but not an expect script?

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