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[ale] LFS security?

There are several ways that the startup scripts are arranged in the
different Linux distros.  Many are based around the SysV arrangement.  I
am going to describe a general arrangement below.

Just study the startup scripts under /etc/rcX.d/ to see what runs at a
particular run level, X.  In /etc/inittab there is a set of run levels
defined along with the default run level.  A particular run level will
cause init to go thru a matching /etc/rcX.d/ directory where X is the
run level.  All those symlinks point to the /etc/init.d directory where
the scripts exist.  Each symlink will run the appropriate startup
script.  So you can define a run level and put in the symlinks that only
you want.  So only the services you want will start when the machine
boots to your special runlevel. Runlevel 0 is to halt the machine, 6 is
to reboot, usually 2 or 3 is multiuser with networking, and on most
Linux machines run level 5 includes running the Xserver.

Also, the /etc/inetd.conf file controls what the the superinternet
server "inetd" will startup when contacted on a particular port.  To
keep inetd from starting a telnetd daemon to answer an incoming telnet
session request, just comment out the telnet line in /etc/inetd.conf.

Stephen Turner wrote:
> there was an email on LFS security, someone mentioned that in LFS
> nothing is running except what you make run and that its one of the
> most secure linux solutions, gentoo also installs source, my question
> is, how could i verify that gentoo is running only what i want
> running? when i figure out how to get gentoo working (some install
> probs) im gonna use it as a lazy boys LFS system. any comments? my
> main question is just to find out what scripts or files i have to
> modify to make this bugger run only what I want running at the time :)
> thanks for your time
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