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[ale] like eterm

Stephen Turner wrote:

> is there a term that is like eterm or aterm that can show a background 
> image behind console like them only console IS your desktop? so you 
> get a console for your desktop and a back ground?

So you're saying that you want to have a console session as the root window
of the desktop? Interesting. That's sort of similar to what I was asking for
a couple days ago, a terminal window that stays on top of the Z-order,
but which lets the windows underneath show through (possibly tinted
so that the terminal session's text is readable). I'm sure this is 
but I haven't found a terminal program that does it.

Similarly, I'm sure that what (I believe) you are asking for is possible.
xv, for example, can run as an application in the root window. But
no terminal program I'm aware of does that.


-- Joe

> or am i barking up a not so bright tree?
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