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[ale] automating an ssh script?

>>>>> "ChangingLINKS" == ChangingLINKS com <ChangingLINKS.com> writes:


    ChangingLINKS> below). Anyone know how to automate this deal with
    ChangingLINKS> the PASSWORDS entered. If it is to be one script, I
    ChangingLINKS> may have to exit (as show below) to do the
    ChangingLINKS> scp. Anyone?

        Take a look at the ssh/sshd/ssh-keygen/ssh-agent manual pages.
If you set things up to use RSA or DSA based keys you can get away
without typing passwords.

        If that's not what you're looking for, look at the tcl-based
expect utility (ships with most distributions) or the Perl Expect
module (available from CPAN).

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