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[ale] Sys Upgrades

Hey folks,

I'm getting around to some woefully outdated updates, and on the list are
named and sendmail ...

Can I use my same old config files for bind9 as bind8.2.3 (i think that's
what it used to be)?  And sendmail8.12 from 8.6?

The sendmail I think I can (but I think they moved to /etc/mail/?) but bind
looks like it has a HUGE number of new named.conf options, and it /sounds/
like the defaults are "we made defaults, but boy ... they really suck" ...
Can I just jump up and then slowly learn the new conf structure?  or is it a
complete overhaul just to start up basic?

(I would just try it, but that machine also happens to be my router/NAT box,
and everytime something goes wrong I have to figure it out without an
internet again ...)


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