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[ale] Re: Adaptec Slim SCSI 1480 and linux

Benjamin NETTRE wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry to send this mail directly to you.
> I just bought a SCSI PC-CARD and experienced exactly the same problem as
> you reported on the ALE mailing-list sometime ago: kernel panic etc...
> I just wondered if you could find a fix to this. I would really appreciate
> a little help if you figured out how to make this card work.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Benjamin Nettre

Hi Benjamin,

   The problem lied in the kernel's scsi drivers.  For RH6.2, the aic7xxx driver was very very outdated.  After I upgraded to RH7.2, the kernel used the newer scsi drivers (and in turn the pcmcia drivers call the kernel modules), so the card is functional!  I'm doing a backup right now, works great.

Lost in Tokyo,

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