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[ale] The bad thing about RPMs

Stuffed Crust writes:
> One obvious flaw in your argument.  Using your reasoning, we'd end up
> with "...an RPM built on, say, Mandrake 13 could be installed on
> Mandrake 12 without upgrading a dozen other packages."

That's why I said, keep it stable until the next major version.  Or at least
for several minor versions.  Only update for major bugfixes and security

> Come on, if you want to not upgrade a dozen other packages, then why
> don't you get a RPM built against Mandrake 8.0 instead of 8.1?   Or
> hell, get the SRPM and rebuild it yourself.

Exactly... or to take it even further, build the whole system from source,
which is what I'm doing.  It's not that this is particularly difficult;
anyone can follow the directions in the LFS book.  My point is that it's not
something most people are willing to undertake.  RPMs are supposed to make
things easy, and they aren't living up to this promise because of the
version conflicts.


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