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[ale] Wireless Design Suggestions

Wireless networking absolutely SUCKS!!!

Slow. Expensive. Slow. SLow. SLOw. SLOW!

Unless you drop the $$$$$ for 802.11a which still runs a single
connection only at half the speed of a crappy wired connection. 

Dropping a cat5e line between floors is not _that_ difficult. It's also
cheap. For the cost of a decent AP, you can wire the entire house with
cat5e. 8 port 100BaseT switches can be had for $40.

Besides, how much microwave radiation does your spouse want bouncing
through her? Or you for that matter? Be realistic. How long can the
laptop run not plugged into the wall?  Do you really want to reduce the
network speed in your house to that of a dialup line? Remember, unless
you get the latest stuff (not all supported in Linux), wireless is not a
full duplex transmission. And don't use the cordless phone while you are

On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 13:38, Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   Ok, looks like we're finally getting a house next month.  At any rate,
> it's a 2 story and my server room will be upstairs but I'll need to hook
> up 3 machines downstairs.  I've got the ports on my 2 switches to run a
> cable but my wife has pretty much infomred me I'll be sleeping on the
> garage floor if I do it.
>   I'm thinking of going to Costco and getting their netger wireless kit
> for $150 which has an access point and a card.  I can then put the
> single card into a dedicated server in the server room and the access
> point in my living room.  That way the 3 machines downstairs can use
> their switch to uplink to the AP.  2 of the machines are dual boot so I
> don't want to use them as a router.  The 3rd is a laptop which will be
> traveling.
>   The server upstairs will be running 192.168.1/24 off the wireless card
> and be using mac filtering for starters and then going from there as I
> learn how to tighten it down more.
>   I'm not worried about anyone stealing BW from me as it'll be very easy
> to see them due to geography.  As per neighbors, I've got my machines
> locked up pretty tight, I think they may be able to print to my printer
> is all for now.
> Thoughts, theories, suggestions, etc?
>   Robert
> :wq!
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