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[ale] OT: H1B

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Americans kill me sometimes.  H1B's come here and make half of what we
Americans go to their country and make 250 times what they do.  That is
an exaggeration.  To most of the H1B's they are making a literal fortune
half the salary.

Supporting a family here costs more than supporting a family where the
H1B people come from.  Some of them, by the way, are finding it hard to
support themselves here on half of what we made (fortunately).  I know
of one case personally where the couple are having a hard time trying to
save enough money to go back home.  Also remember if an American citizen
goes over there he still has to make enough money to pay the bills at
home and possibly pay a fee to stay over in the other country.

Another thing that kills me - the same people that bitch about H1B's
their jobs" are the same people that vote Republican (the "Big Business"
party).  These people are only concerned with the bottom line, so they
with the cheapest labor.  The Demos don't have any solutions for you,
but if
you are concerned with your job being taken over by a cheaper person,
sure.  It's business.  The American Way.  You are asking the government
solve a problem that doesn't really exist.

So this is why small businesses like Disney and lawyers support the Dems
I guess.  After they are the party of " the little guy " right?  Then
let us not forget the fact that Clintler gave 120,000 illegals their
citizenship without even allowing the FBI to do the background checks
required by law.  So let us not forget that the same problem is coming
from both sides of the isle here.  This is why I am not a card carrying
nut case for either of the 2 major parties.  I am closer to the
Libertarian and U.S Constitution parties.

We want cheap goods and high salaries and no immigrants and sky high
and stay home mommies and big homes and no drugs and no sending jobs
overseas and no inflation and cheap gas flowing at the pumps ...  As my
husband says "it's good to want things".

No we want legal immigrants.  We want legal H1B workers only if they are
needed and the jobs cannot be filled from the pool of citizens here.  I
think that if we had not the welfare state we have set up here then
there would be more motivation for those on the government dole to get
off their butts and work hard like say the Mexicans do as they would go
without if they did not.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with stay at home mommies.  If we had
more of them we would not have much of the problems we have today.
Unfortunately our government has decided to tax us so much and play
games with our currency so much that we are forced to have both parents
working especially when the must work for half what they need when H1B
visas are issued like candy on Halloween.

The "we built ours, now you go build yours" thing sounds good, but no
works harder for less than a peasant in a third world country.  Our high
salaries are great, but why are we surprised that they are enticing to
immigrants ..pj

The fact that a peasant form another country works hard is irrelevant
here.  Without the welfare state we would have plenty that work hard to
take their place.  Yes, we built ours (allowed the welfare state and
food stamps etc) thus the problems we are having.  But that aside, this
is no excuse for other countries not getting their act together.


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This thing has had longer legs than I expected but when we are being
affected by it then it is no wonder.


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Did I somehow get subscribed to alt.politics.economics.theory.sux ?
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