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Umm, actually, Telocity/DIRECTV DSL assigned client IPs through DHCP as
well.  But since the assignments rarely, if ever, changed, you could have
considered your IP address to be static.

And DHCP is definitely easier on the bandwidth than PPPoE.

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 10:20:34AM -0500, cfowler wrote:
> I like having the Telocity DSL.  I would say that I got tired of the
> endless turn it off and let it sit for 5 seconds excuse I got from
> DirecTV each time I had a problem.  
> But if there should be any thing in the ALE FAQ it should be "Say no to
> DHCP and PPOE".  So many people on here call BellSouth for fast DSL then
> ask questions on getting it to work wiht Linux.  For us telocity was the
> only thing to go with.
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