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[ale] OT: H1B

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, ANNAREDDY,REDDY (HP-Cupertino,ex1) wrote:

> However, things are not the same. The goal for humanity is to trancend
> national boundaries and become truly international with human approach.

And now I'll jump in...and man is this off topic.

Speak for yerfrigginself!!!

I consider myself a part of humanity, and that is about as far from my
goal as you can get without leaving the universe. The trend I see more and
more among the international community is all this talk of humanity and
"transcending" and all that other horse hockey. For me it's real simple.
We built ours. Go build your own. Don't try to hoist yourself up on the
coattails of the good ol' USA and claim it's all about "transcending the
boundaries that separate all of mankind, (sniff sniff sniff)" for
the good of all humanity. That's akin to pissing on my boots and telling
me it's raining. If you're here to look out for numero uno, fine. Say so.
Just realize that by going to work for half the going rate, you're not
only screwing a citizen out of a job...you're short changing yourself. If
you're truly qualified for the same job, you should make just as much. If
you settle for less, the only winner is the el cheapo suits in the ivory
tower who are taking home the net difference between the citizen's former
salary and your new salary. And when Joe Citizen can't afford to buy
whatever product the said el cheapos are selling, and the word comes down
from the aforementioned ivory towers to cut the fat, you get your ass
sent back overseas and have little more than an "I worked in America" line
on your resume. Now lay off the universal humanity without borders
bullshit. H1B Visa's are designed to screw us all in the name of big

Jonathan Rickman
X Corps Security

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