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I also have been with Telocity/DirectTV DSL for a fairly long time. They 
were well worth the effort staying with them during some growing pains 
times, and have provided me with excelent service. Apparently they needed 
to raise their prices some to compete and pay the bills. Earthstink with a 
$30/month price hike looks to be my best option at this point, but in 
keeping with Telocity service, we have at least 30 days to make 
adjustments, possibly as much as 70 or 80 days.

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Ricardo Davis wrote:

> Not good.
> I've been with Telocity/DTV DSL for 2 years up in Cherokee County. 
> They were by far the best option for broadband: static IP, multiple 
> e-mail addresses, self-install, no BS about home networking, only 
> down 4 hours since I've been online.  The company formerly known to 
> us as Mindspring wants an additional $20/month for comparable 
> capability (NOT!)
> Given the press and commentary, two things doomed DTV DSL:  low 
> profit margin and the inability of management to make the business 
> thrive in a tighter revenue model.  Pity.  But life must go on...
> Are any of the other ISPs in the area providing "transition offers"? 
> If an ISP with favorable ratings on dslreports.com called me today 
> and said they'd switch me with no change of service or price I 
> wouldn't think twice...I'd accept.
> -RD
> At 1:49 PM -0500 12/14/02, Fulton Green wrote:
> >Just in case you haven't seen the news on /. yet, Hughes threw in the
> >towel for its DIRECTV DSL (ne'e Telocity) service.  See the sordid details
> >on its homepage:
> >
> >www.DIRECTVDSL.com
> >
> >Guess that's one less DSL provider to debate over ...
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