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[ale] Contact Manager ???

It's been a while, but a group called "Chillisoft" was working on an Act
replacement for Linux.

Act runs under CrossoverOffice (or so claimed).

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 10:58, Gary MacKay wrote:
> At the risk of starting a religeous discussion, what is avaliable in the 
> linux market for contact management, such as Act! and Goldmine?? I'm 
> narrowing down on a 'standard' (my guess at a standard anyway) linux 
> workstation to offer my clients and one area I'm not sure of is CM. Some 
> of my clients are using LookOut but most are on Act! or Goldmine. I'm 
> aware of the web versions like phpGroupWare, etc. but was looking for a 
> non-web based solution. Something to track phone calls, appointments, 
> etc. I looked at Evolution, but I think it must have Gnome installed to 
> use it and I've settled on KDE as the desktop.
> Please do not take off on tangents on why did I pick OpenOffice or KDE 
> or whatever. For better or worse that is where it is at for now. I just 
> need to find a good business solution, not home use, for CM.
> - Gary
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