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[ale] home networking difficulties

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Subject: Re: [ale] home networking difficulties
From: "Andrew Grimmke" <grimmke at directvinternet.com>
To: ale at ale.org
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 09:37:04 -0700 (PDT)
To: rhiannen at atlantacon.org

On Thu, 22 August 2002, rhiannen wrote:

&gt; We had a similar problem where the switch we had
between the boxes
&gt; needed to be physically reset - 10mb layer wasn't
talking nice to the
&gt; 100mb layer (it was a few years ago, sorry to be so
fuzzy about it.)
&gt; But, after reading the posts, my primary suspect
would be the
&gt; ever-so-stable Windows network stack /win32.dll/ 
It's possible that
&gt; some software on the Windows box decided to update
for you - was an
&gt; extremely common problem on the Win9x boxes that
hasn't quite gone away
&gt; yet.   Have you tried the old standard of
uninstalling DUN
&gt; (DialUpNetworking), rebooting, reinstalling DUN? 
Saved many a OS
&gt; reinstall with that trick.  DUN - it's not just for
&gt; modems any more. ;)
&gt; ---- 
&gt; rhia
&gt; knowledge is power - arm yourself

I never would have suspected DUN, but I think you just
might have something here.  I can think of a couple of
things which may have tweaked win32.dll.  I did some
performance tweaking (as suggested on dslreports.com)
when I first installed broadband, also the broadband
company's own software may be at fault.

&gt; Andrew Grimmke wrote:
&gt; I know this has been kind of exasperating.  I
&gt; appreciate all you help.  I'm afraid the wife is
&gt; to kill me soon If I don't get that windows box
online ;)

&gt; I will give the &amp;quot;external loop&amp;quot;
configuration a try
&gt; this evening.  That would isolate it to the Windows
&gt; box, for sure, although it is smelling more and
&gt; me like that is the culpret.
&gt; As for different speeds, I bought everything to be
&gt; 10/100 and I believe all the cards are on auto, so
&gt; should be at 100 mbps.  I guess I could check.
&gt; On Thu, 22 August 2002, Geoffrey wrote:

Andrew Grimmke
Marietta, Georgia

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Andrew Grimmke
Marietta, Georgia

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