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[ale] Ximian Evolution (was: Re: [ale] Stupid M$ windows crappysoftware %#$^*()

Yup.  I have also had it hard lock before when it tried to fetch a
messages contents before it fetched the message.  I think it has some
inter thread communication problems (deadlocks etc) sometimes.  It is a
threaded app (atleast it seems to be by the 'ps' output.

I still use it though.  It has grown on me, and I guess I am too lazy to
do the work to change.


On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 20:30, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> Oh, by the way, one nag regarding Evolution:  it often errors out at
> Send/Receive time with "Error while fetching Mail:  Server unexpectedly
> disconnected:  Input/output error."  This is when talking to AT&T
> Broadband's servers.  If I try again, it'll eventually work fine with no
> ill effects that I've seen, but it is an irritant.  Does this happen to
> anyone else here?
> - Jeff

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