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[ale] Stupid M$ windows crappy software %#$^*(

Every once in a while, usually when it's time to pay bills, I will stoop
to fixing a windows box for money, not love. Every time I swear I'll
never do it again, ESPECIALLY for Win98 boxes. 

Scenario: 2 year old Dell, win98, antivirus software installed but not
running (a common occurrence), critical M$ Windows update breaks EVERY
^@%#$ application on the box. Uninstall and reinstall fails to resolve
breaks all over. Fdisk, format, reinstall win98 (and M$ complains about
Linux being hard to install!!), reinstall all apps (thankfully all data
was backed up by obsessive/compulsive user), reinstall anti-virus
software (Norton) and bring it up to current. 

To bring Norton to current required 9 separate downloads each followed
by 9 separate reboots (it's the windows way. Change your background
image, reboot the box. And people PAY for this stuff?!) Finally it's all
"current" and time to do the last task, make the emergency boot and
repair disk. But the #&$% app will only crash the box! It will start to
run, claim it's "initializing" then it blue screens and hard locks.
Arrgg! It is a repeatable error, too. Follow the direction and the box
will crash. 
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