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[ale] HP vs SNOsoft Sign of things to come?

On Wednesday 31 July 2002 10:31 pm, you wrote:
> Am I the only one extremely irritated with this situation?
> Where is the outrage?

Mostly on /. where it does little good.
Since, even as a group, we poor programmers can't afford to 
buy our own Congressman, things aren't going to change for the 
better.  You can expect more and more of these insane laws,
idiotic patents, and economic protectionism for "paying customers" 
like the RIAA. 

The cost of defending your company against incessant lawsuits 
and the fear of being tossed into jail will drive technology 
overseas.  The US recording industry will destroy itself by alienating
customers and increasing prices until there are no sales 
(no great loss there).  

Of course, people will still want software, music and videos, so 
there'll have to be a new DEA to interdict shipments of CD's from 
Bangladesh or wherever.  Lots of profit to be made by people willing 
to be "rom - runners".  Tax-free profit that can be used to buy a 
political office, for example. (Hey, it's been done before) 

So far, this scenario looks like a politician's wet dream. 
More power, more money. 
Is it any wonder they pass such laws?


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