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[ale] Free PC, just come get it.

I have seen folks asking about free systems before so I thought I'd see if
anyone wants this one, and I may have a few more later. This is a Compaq
Presario CDS 924. 486 Cd-rom, HD I think 64 Ram. This is a HEAVY tower
system, very well built just aging a bit. Is in good shape and stable.
Might want to consider upgrading video card. I upgraded the RAM myself a
few years back just can't remember how much. I installed JBLinux but never
really had any need for the system. (Will not boot from CD, BIOS doesn't
support it) I basically need to clean up some space. The only thing I am
asking is that you come get it. I can have it with me any day this week
(except today) and will be reserved for the  who wants it. You will need to
pick it up at my office located off of Jimmy Carter Blvd. between Buford
Highway and Peachtree Ind. between the hours of 7am and 4pm. Accesories not
included, speakers, keyboard and ect. Although if you really need them I
think I might can find an extra keyboard and mouse.

\_    Steve Angell,  MCSE, CCNA           _/
\_    MIS Operations Manager               _/
\_    TSYS Total Debt Management  _/
\_    Norcross, GA                                   _/
\_    Phone 770-409-5570                    _/
\_    Fax      770-416-1752                   _/

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