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[ale] how many inodes ext2fs?

> I've got this 46mb drive on which I put a big single partition.  I didn't 
> realise at the time that it would be used to store approx 20,000 IMAP 
> mailboxes (lots of little mail files).  Am I in danger of running out inodes? 

Yes. The default is to create one inode for every 4k of disk space. So you'll
have about 11000 inodes for a 46MB partition (megabyte and not gigabyte right?).

> Any advice on whether I should break this up into separate fs's or leave it 
> alone (beyond the obvious management problem of doing ls -l on 20,000 
> directories)?

If it's really 46MB you'll run out of disk space and inodes fairly quickly
You can do a 'df -i' command and find out exactly how many inodes are
allotted, allocated, and free.

ext2 does linear directory lookups. If possible I'd recommend subdividing
on something like the first letter of the account.


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