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[ale] retrieving exchange email via netscape

Geoffrey wrote:

> I've been using netscape to read email from my corporate email exchange
> server for a few years now.  They just changed my (microsoft) domain,
> and now I can't access my email.  Fetchmail can, yet the fetchmailrc
> file references the domain as well as the mail server.
> I don't recall doing anything with the domain when setting up Netscape,
> but it's been a while ago.  Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Hi Geoffery,

   In Netscape, set your User Name to "NTDomain/NTUserName/mailbox_alias".  Include the slashes "/" between the items.  For example, my user name at work in Netscape mail is set to "xjp99/keihop/keith_hopkins".

Lost in Tokyo,

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