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[ale] Earthlink DSL

I, too  am a content Earthlink DSL user for about 1 month now.
I use a Linksys 4 port ethernet  DSL/Cable Router, because we
have 3 machines at home and the other users complain when I break
my linux box that was doing the internet routing.

In case you might have wondered, I see the same sort of 'hangs' using
the Linksys.  There is a web page and the fix is to go to the page
and restart the PPPoE daemon (but for all I know, though, it's
running Linux under the hood).

My speed is about 1.2 Mbit*.*  If PPPoE is consuming 20% of my
bandwidth, I don't miss it = and if it allows competition in
offering DSL service, I'm all for it.


Jim Philips wrote:

> My experience with Earthlink DSL has been good...for the most part. It 
> isn't uncommon to have spontaneous drops. I have to kill pppd and start 
> it again. PPP will be alive, but nothing comes across. There are also 
> times when PPP dies altogether. No messages show up in 
> /var/log/messages. But it's stable most of the time. Transfer rates 
> average about 1.35 megabits per second or higher. I don't have a static IP.
> I tried to work with Telocity at the beginning, but they kept insisting 
> DSL wasn't available at my number and wouldn't hear any arguments to the 
> contrary. Mindspring just signed me up and did it.
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> On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 Eric_Brubakken at aoncons.com wrote:
> }DSL has finally came to my part of the world.  Both BellSouth and 
> Earthlink are
> }offering service to my area at home.
> }
> }I've been reading the threads here about DSL vs cable and static IP's here
> }lately.  I'm going to take the easy way out for now and go with the 
> static IP.
> }BellSouth offers a static IP for about $119 a month ( business ) and 
> Earthlink
> }offers static one for about $65 ( residential ).  Since money is a 
> object here,
> }I think I'll give Earthlink a try.
> }
> }Does anyone have any experience with Earthlink ( aka Mindspring ) using 
> PPPoe?
> }Would really like to hear both the good and the bad.
> }
> }Thanks
> }
> }Eric
> Just a data point not not an open invitation to restart the discussion:
> The Telocity (now DirectTVdsl) service does provide static IP ADSL
> for $49/mo in most all metro Atlanta COs that also offer BellSouth or
> EarthLink.  Their static IP, encouragement (but no support) of services
> on your end with no real restrictions, Domain parking for no additional
> cost and Linux/UNIX support are nice features for some.
> You should also note some folks have spoken dissatisfaction with their
> service while others are happy.
> These are just my opinions as a DSL consumer.
> -- Paul
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