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[ale] IPSec VPN?

"Joseph A. Knapka" wrote:

> I'm not sure if this is actually going to work, but I can't see why
> it won't. Of course, you can't masquerade IPsec packets, because the
> firewall doesn't know how to compute the checksums appropriately,
> since they're encrypted with a key the masq firewall doesn't know (I
> think), but forwarding packets without masqerading them should not
> cause any trouble. I'll let you know how it goes.

Actually, there are modules to permit you to deal with ipsec.  I
currently have two different vpn solutions for work, one is pptp, the
other ipsec.  Both are connecting to corporate networks through my
masq/nat firewall setup.  Both work fine.

If you read the firewall, ipsec and vpn howtos, you can set this up. 
I'd be glad to share my ipchains that do the ipsec and or pptp stuff
with anyone that is interested.  You'll need the mods too though.

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