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[ale] BellSouth DSL and Windows "Internet Sharing"...

Yes, From what I see you want the windows computer (connected to the internet) to
give the linux box access to the internet through the network. I have this windows
is running as the connected machine and linux gets access from it. Just add the ip
address of the nic connected to the windows machine in the file you have for
nameserver. nameserver=windowsboxip. I think this file is the /etc/hosts file.

let me know if this worked or is what you wanted

Jeff Dilcher wrote:

> This is a non linux question, but it relates to that PPPoE...
> I was trying to enable an "internet sharing" computer, running
> Windows, with a BellSouth connection on one side (Linksys ethernet card
> and PPPoE "adapter" showing up under network properties), and
> a few PCs within the home connected to the sharing computer
> via home network phoneline adapters.
> I tried choosing both the "PPPoE" adapter, and, alternately,
> the Linksys adapter as the "connection to the internet".
> Neither one seemed to allow Internet routing from the home
> network.
> Anyone had experience with a setup like this and the Bellsouth
> PPPoE connection?
> Please, no laughing at my choice of Windows as the router.  It
> is my brother in law's PC, and, if I had had my way, I would have
> fdisked it, and created a Linux router!
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