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[ale] SSH+multiple ports?

Due to a firewall at work I can't ssh to my house on port 22.  Very odd 
problem with a foundry switch I can't go into, but I can't.  I can howerver
go to port 2200 or the like.  I currently have a redirector redirecting port
2200 to 22.  For some reason if the screen doesn't update very regularly, 
such as when I'm sittin in my mutt window and change screen or get a drink,
I come back and the session is timed out.  I've turned "keep alive" on for
the server and the client but still happens.  I think it may be related
to the redirector.  I've been told there's a way to have sshd listen on 2
ports but can't find a working solution.  I've been told to have 2 lines:

Port 22
Port 2200
and it listens on 22, but not 2200...


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