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[ale] Routing

It's a little ugly, but you could just dd that line to your "local"
script. Unless it gets "echoed" back to 1 by some other startup script
that I'm not aware of, you shouldn't need to though. I'm a Slackware
man...RH isn't my cup of tea.

Jonathan Rickman
X Corps Security

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Bourque, Phillip C wrote:

>  Ok thanks that did stop the ip_forwarding.  I just install Linux 7.0 and am
> new to the Linux world.  Can you tell me how I can put this in a script to
> turn off ip_forwarding everytime is reboots.
> Also who can I get telnet to work to my new linux box?
> Thanks
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> Sent: 5/23/01 10:38 PM
> Subject: Re: [ale] Routing
> If you mean ip forwarding...
> echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

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