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[ale] Slow KDE 2


I initiated a thread here a few weeks ago re: slow KDE 2. A similar thread 
is on the Mandrake list now, with some possible clues as to what may be wrong.

If you have tried the latest Mandrake, RedHat, or whatever which 
uses KDE 2.x,  and have experienced problems with slowness (or haven't),
I would appreciate some feedback on the following:

Does top report a process 'kapm-idled' taking up a huge portion of your 
cpu cycles? Apparently it does in some cases, and not in others. 
If we can show that there is a relationship between this process using 
up cycles (on mine, it leaves 4% idle), and the slow response, maybe 
there will be a way to fix it. It may be a problem only on certain boards.
As some people pointed out, 'kapm-idled' ducks out of the way when 
you run some other program, but it may be that on some pc's, it takes 
its own sweet time getting out of the way.

BTW: 'slowness' translates to 15 - 30 seconds to open kmail or the like,
not slow loading of something like Netscape - that's to be expected.

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