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[ale] XF86 on Toshiba Tecra 8100

I've had the same difficulty on my Satellite Pro 4300, although I believe that you actually have an S3 Savage/IX chip onboard.

Here is the site that helped me out a ton.


They have Servers that support both XFree86 3.3.6 and XFree86 4.0.2, though I am not sure what SuSe uses, I was running Redhat 6.1 at the time.

Trent Chastain
Senior Systems Engineer
Beacon Technical Industries, Inc.
5881 Glenridge Drive suite 230
Atlanta GA, 30328

404-256-9640 ext. 290

"Michael E. Barker" <mbarker68 at home.com>
05/23/2001 07:50 AM

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I'm having trouble with X on this Tecra 8100. ??I have tried numerouse
times to configure unsuccesfully for the S3 Virge MX. ??The best I can
get is 600 X 400 on the SVGA driver. ??Any tips, pointers, gripes,
complaints would be appreciated.

I purchased a shrink wrap of SuSE 7.0 while in London on contract last
month and have sent an email to support two days ago with no response.
If I get a solution from them I'll share that back as well.

In great appreciation

M.E. Barker

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