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[ale] SMTP, DHCP over ADSL won't send email message...

Hey, folks...
I'm having an odd Email Sending error that I need help eliminating if
any of you gurus can lend a word of advice. It apears to be some
packet size or interface quirk between sendmail and my eth0 connection
to the ADSL modem/router:

configuration parts:

For my internet access I am using an ADSL connection via Zyxel-641
{BellSouth via Mindspring account}. My system is RH 7.0 with 'pump'
handling the eth0-DHCP-BOOTP connection (activated manually via the
Network Configuration GUI window).

For mail clients I'm using Kmail on my main account and NetScape
Messenger on my secondary, spam catcher, backup account.

For most purposes everything DSL wise is running pretty well,
at least so long as it stays up (I'm a ways out from the C.O.
and it drops sync on me quite often).

I -thought- that sending email was fine too, since I have been
posting a lot of day to day notes without problems since getting the
connection operational a couple weeks back.

This morning, though, went to send a -slightly- larger 14k email down
the wires and found that sendmail hangs up when I attempt to send any
messages bigger that about 8k.

The problem is consistent and repeatable, and happens with both Kmail
and Messenger, but -ONLY- when I'm connected via ADSL. If I revert
to my Dial Up connection, both mail clients let me send the same 14k
(and bigger) emails without error.

Watching the problem under Messenger, the status line reports initial
'send' negotiation with the server, then it hangs up "waiting for
reply". Doesn't seem to time out and I have to eventually just
abort by closing the Composer window.

Under Kmail, the send requestor comes up and reports "sending
message". I can see a net traffic burst on the monitor, then it is
wait time. The send fails after about a minute with the message:

  a SMTP error occured
  Command: <Body>
  Network Error
  Return Code: 0

I've done my share of testing, digging about and man reading and can't
come up with the -why- for this one yet. It may be an adjustment in
sendmail.cf, but I don't think I'm ready to be tweaking with that
rocket science yet. ;-)

Any suggestions on what config file I should be looking at, please

(after justice)
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