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[ale] (OT) Samba support on Solaris?

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Jeffrey B Layton wrote:
> (or equivalent) installed. The commercial option is
> too expensive, but this monkey wants to have somebody
> he can call if Samba goes down (he's a weenie admin
> but unfortunately in charge).

I'll agree that it is nice to have someone to call and yell at.
However, with all the stuff we've had to call and yell about, all we've
gotten was vendors blaming each other, half-assed or wrong answers, or no
help at all.

However, whenever we've had a problem with anything on a Linux box, I've
been able to find an answer usually within two hours tops.  Of course, the
same concept applies to the Samba running on the HP boxes, etc...

Then again, it is always nice to be able to say "We have a call in to the
company" instead of "Well, I looked on the net and posted to a newsgroup
but no-one else has had this problem."


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