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[ale] BellSouth DSL w/ Alcatel USB ADSL modem

Sorry if it's been asked. I've seen similar e-mails.

A friend is trying to get the Alcatel USB ADSL modem working with BellSouth DSL on his Linux box. Is there anything in particular to look out for? A few implementation questions.

We've found the alcatel Linux drivers for the USB modem. What device should this show up as? I've noticed mention of use of the USB file system. Maybe a dev entry for it, and also use of the Ethernet bridging interface. I guess I'm looking to shortcut looking into all of these pieced through someone's experience with this.

Should BellSouth ADSL be using PPPoE, PPPoA, or ppp with the Alcatel driver masking the PPPoA implementation?

Any tips and experience in this arena would be helpful.

Stephen Pellicer
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