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Hi everyone,

Our company, located in Woodstock, Georgia, has an opening for a full-time
Linux 'guru'...


Actually, this is a entry/mid-level position with the following

1) At least 2 yrs experience with Linux in general, with some
shell-scripting/programming experience
2) At least 5 yrs general computer experience
3) Some programming experience (shell-scripting, Perl, etc)
4) Reasonable Microsoft Windows experience (we are using 2000 now)

We have approximately 28 Win2K users here in our Woodstock office, and are
currently in the process of changing our Windows 2000 network over to Linux,
using something called Linux Terminal Services (www.ltsp.org).  We are also
in a growth stage, so this job may entail some travel.

Linux applications we will be using:

1) Redhat Linux 7.1 (not absolutely necessary, if you can give me a good
reason to switch)
1) Linux Terminal Services (www.ltsp.org)
2) KDE Desktop environment (again, not absolutely necessary)
3) StarOffice (eventually OpenOffice, once 6.0 is released and stable)
4) Netscape (eventually Mozilla, once it is stable enough)
5) Win-4-Lin Server Edition, with 2-3 licenses available for each Office
6) PostgreSQL database (this will be a database that is replicated to a
central server on the internet, which we may or may not end up hosting

Job responsibilities will be:

1) Day-to-day User support on the Windows machines

2) Assist in developing a simple, reliable method of Cloning Server drives,
both for replication and backup purposes.  There will definitely be some
(fairly serious?) shell-scripting involved.

3) Assist in the ongoing development of a stable, remotely maintainable,
clonable Linux Terminal Server for our remote offices as they come on line.

4) Anything else I can think of...

Please send resume and salary requirements to me at:

Charles Marcus
I.T. Director
Media Brokers International
CharlesM at Media-Brokers.com
770-516-9234 x224
770-516-8918 fax


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