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[ale] RH 7 access to kppp without root password

On Sunday 13 May 2001 02:09 am, you wrote:
> Hi All,
>     After much searching and reading I still have not figured out how to
> allow a user to access kppp under RH 7 with entering the root password.
> The consolehelper info at redhat's web site still didn't seem to answer
> my question.  Let's just say I am running a basic RH 7 system and I want
> to allow user Joe to be able to use kppp and not allow user Jack.
> Neither one of them should know the root password.  Could someone show
> me the light?

If you aren't concerned about security from
within your home, just open an xterm, 
and cd /usr/sbin.
There you'll find pppd.
Just chmod 777 pppd, and you're set.

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