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[ale] mediaOne modem

I have been using mediaone since I got here 6 mos ago.  I've only
experienced one outage, which was due to a vehicular accident.  It is DHCP,
but I have kept the same IP address for about 3-4 mos now.  The only time I
loose it is if my computer and/or modem powers down for a long period of
time (or passed the DHCP renewal time).

For the most part here are my averages:

D/l bandwidth - 800-900k/bps
u/l bandwidth - not tested
Connection/IP uptime - 3mos
Computer uptime - 1-2 days, depending on if the 4 year old uses it (Linux

The OS's I have used on this connection is:  Solaris 8 (x86), RedHat 6.2,
Mandrakes 7, 7.2, and 8

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