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Fwd: Re: [ale] mediaOne modem

>Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 14:14:41 -0400
>To: morrigu_irm at springmail.com
>From: Leonard Thornton <Leonard at Intelis-inc.net>
>Subject: Re: [ale] mediaOne modem
>I have MediaOne (AT&T Broadband) and it SUCKS.  The longest it has been up 
>since they set me up on March 1 is 4 days.  I have been down for as long 
>as 36 hours at a time.  It usually never stays up longer than 2 hours at a 
>time being dying.  I have spent upwards of 4 hours on hold with their 
>"Customer Service" group who couldn't spell broadband if it weren't for 
>the script in their hand.  If you can get Bellsouth DSL, RUN don't walk 
>away from MediaOne.
>As to the setup, I have a Pentium 225 running Redhat 7.0 acting as my 
>gateway / firewall with two (2) 3Com 3c509 adapters.  The first is setup 
>for DHCP and connected to MediaOne while the other is assigned a private 
>IP address on my home network.  The setup is simple and 
>straightforward.  The catch is when your provider comes to set it up, have 
>your network adapter in a WinBLOWs machine and write down the MAC 
>address.  After they setup, you can move the adapter to your Linux gateway 
>box OR just tell the adapter in your gateway box to use the MAC address of 
>the card used to setup your connection.
>If you need more specifics, don;t hesitate to ask.
>At 01:36 PM 5/8/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>>We are about to go with MediaOne Broadband. Unfortunately, NOTHING decent 
>>is available (ie, Telocity, Speakeasy) in Duluth, so we're stuck with 
>>that or Bell South.
>>Question; This docsis modem they use; anyone had any experience, good or 
>>bad with it? We use Slackware and RedHat, and, of course, nobody 
>>supplying fast Internet access out here supports Linux.
>>Anything we ought to know?
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The difficult while you wait.....the impossible overnight.

Leonard Thornton
Intelis, Inc.
5960 Crooked Creek Rd
Suite 30
Norcross, GA  30092

Office: 770.825.0032
Fax:            770.825.0028
Cellular:       404.583.5402
Pager:          888.785.9188
Email:          Leonard at Intelis-Inc.net

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