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[ale] postfix and fetchmail

This sounds like a problem that might have been caused by 
fetchmail.  I could envision such a problem occurring if 
your .fetchmailrc file specified:

poll example.com
pass xyz

Fetchmail would retrieve the mail and pass it on to your 
local SMTP server, addressed to USERID at AUTHSERVER.

What might be missing is a 'to' statement (or various 
syntactic equivalents) in your rc file:

poll example.com
pass xyz

Now fetchmail passes the retrieved mail on to your local 
SMTP server, addressed to USERID, which is taken to be a 
local user.

This is just a guess.  Seeing your .fetchmailrc might help.  

Of course, even if this was the cause, it doesn't help you 
with delivery of the mail which has already been deferred.  
(I have no experience with postfix.)


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"I. Herman" wrote:
> Hrm...I see.  Dunno..this is a new one to me.
> If it's going to the deferred, that means more than likely, it's reading it
> as another destination, but copies it (or something like that).  If you set
> the $mydomain, and set mail_spool_directory = /var/spool/mail (if not
> already) then it should work.  If it don't...then you can try to cheat it by
> making a symbolic link to the proper place....i.e:
> ln -s /var/spool/mail/UID /var/spool/postfix/UID and then change group/user
> owner ships as needed.  I'm not sure if that'll work, as I haven't had to do
> it.

It's not an issue of where it thinks the user mailbox is, it's the fact
that postfix is not able to complete the processing of the mail,
therefore it's dropped in the deferred directory.  What I need to be
able to do is to make it understand that mail to
USERID at AUTHSERVER.home.edu should go to USERID at tachyon.home.edu.

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