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[ale] What were they thinking?

> Have we established that some people's new KDE is slow while for others it's
> OK?  Howbout this: of those of you who have tried it, how about posting a
> message here stating 1) your KDE version 2) your distro and version 3) your
> video card.  Maybe a pattern will emerge.

KDE 2.1.1
Caldera OpenLinux 2.4 with upgraded kernel 2.4.0
Trident 3D 9750 with 4 MB SGRAM
X set at 1152x864 with color depth 16
AMD K6-2 350 MHz, 128 MB RAM

Not slow at all.  But it will be slow if you tax your video card too much.
Does it reconfigure X upon install?  I think I had severe slowness
upon install, but I just changed the X settings with the handy COAS tool
that Caldera provides.  But I can't remember if this slowness came
upon the upgrade to COL 2.4 or to KDE 2.1.1. 

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