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[ale] programmer needed

This is not a Linux-specific position! However, we do develop Linux software 
in-house to support our production environment, so a Linux programmer that 
is experienced and willing to do Windows development would be a good 

 Layton Graphics, a publisher of GIS data in PDF format, is in need of a 
Windows Acrobat plug-in developer. Other potentially useful knowledge/skills 
are Visual Basic, scripting (Korn shell, Perl, Python), CAD (Microstation, 
AutoCad), and GIS. Please send resume and salary requirements to our 
Human Resources Director, Jan Adams, at <mailto:jadams at layton-   

D. Alan Stewart
Layton Graphics, Inc.
155 Woolco Dr.
Marietta, GA 30062
Voice: 770/973-4312
Fax: 800/367-8192
FTP: ftp.layton-graphics.com
WWW: www.layton-graphics.com

Unix is not just an operating system, it also teaches you to read.
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