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[ale] What were they thinking?

On Sun, 06 May 2001, Jim Philips wrote:

> As a recent convert to KDE, I couldn't be more pleased with it. My machine 
> has 128 megs of ram and a Pentium 333. It doesn't seem slow at all to me and 
> I was happy to escape the nightmare that is Gnome 1.4. I had been a huge fan 
> of gnome until recently. But the attempts to add on the bloatware of Nautilus 
> and Red Carpet they have created compatibility problems that would make most 
> people throw in the towel.

I'm happy that it works for you, and since our computers are very
similar, one would think it (KDE 2) wourld work for me as well. But something
is badly wrong. I can click on a button in, say, the new e-mail program, and 
nothing happens for so long that I usually assume it has crashed, and kill the

Sometimes an error message will pop up, but so much time will have passed that I
have forgotten what i did to cause the error in the first place. It's really
hard to accomplish anything that way.

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