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[ale] What were they thinking?

I got Mandrake 8.0 and RedHat 7.1 in yesterday's mail, and spent most of the 
evening trying these out. While the installations are much improved on both of
them, the new KDE is so slow and bloated that it is unusable, at least on my 
pc, (PII, 300mhz, 128megs ram).

I can't wait 15 - 45 seconds for an xterm, or a browser window to 
open, or an error message to pop up. I have work to do, so back to SuSE 6.4,
where everything happens more or less instantly.

Are the KDE folks trying to do what Bill Gates couldn't do:  destroy Linux?
Or do they think everyone is running gigahertz processors?

Irv Mullins
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