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[ale] postfix and fetchmail

Jonathan Rickman wrote:
> On Fri, 4 May 2001, Wandered Inn wrote:
> > I've been using fetchmail to download email from a machine recently and
> > it was, by default, dropping the email into /var/spool/mail/USERID .
> >
> > I just started doing this a couple of days ago in order to download a
> > bunch of email that had been sitting on a mail server at work.
> > Everything seemed to work fine.  I attempted to download  a number of
> > messages this morning, but they did not show up in
> > /var/spool/mail/USERID.  I thought the were trashed, but then started
> > digging around and found a boatload of files in the
> > /var/spool/postfix/deferred directory.  I executed the postfix flush
> > command and the files seem to have jumped to the
> > /var/spool/postfix/active directory.
> >
> > Question is, how do I get these things over to the
> > /var/spool/mail/USERID directory?
> su
> enter password
> cd /var/spool/postfix/active
> mv ./* /var/spool/mail/USERID/
> exit
> pine (or whatever)
> Something many folks seem to be forgetting lately...
> ANY *nix system is just a big mess of files. Nothing fancy...just files.
> Move 'em if you need to.

Been doing Unix a while, more then likely longer than you :) , and know
now to move files.  The files in the active directory are not mail
files, they are data.  I assume they are some special format created by

Secondly, /var/spool/mail/USERID is a file.  My bad when I referred to
it as a directory.  There are a number of files in the active directory
that must end up in some way appended to the USERID file, yet the format
must be correct.

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