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[ale] Completely and totally Off-Topic

Greetings ALE'ers,

I thought I'd send this email to this list because there's alot of locals on

I've got an 8-month old kitty-cat (tabby) that I need to give away.  He's
neutered, has all his shots, indoors, loves people, and is really playful. 
I've got to give him way because he'll be too expensive to keep in the place
I'm moving to in two months, and I'd much rather give him to somebody than
have to cart him up to the pound.  

If you want to see some pictures, I've got a few of him up at
http://cerberus.amorphous.org/images/walter/.  (They're large, I
apologize).  And of course if you want him, he comes with all the
accessories - litter box, food dishes, etc etc.  He might still be young
enough to mix with other cats, too.  Let me know if you're interested, you
can email me or give me a call at home, 770-226-9840.

Dave Brooks

david a. brooks
db at amorphous.org
voice: .. 678/427-8216

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